Portable/Bedside Nuclear Medicine Services

*24/7 Portable/Bedside Nuclear Medicine Services Available to Southern California Hospitals on an As-Needed Basis. We Provide the Portable Camera, a Licensed Nuclear Medicine Technologist, and Related Radiopharmaceuticals Under Our Radioactive Materials License. Images Can Be Transferred Via DICOM to Your Facility's PAC System.

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For More Information Call: (562) 777-1010 ext. 1

  • ICU, CCU, and ER Patients Exams Can Be Performed at Bedside

Bedside Planar Nuclear Medicine

  • Coverage While Your Equipment is Down

  • On Call Service 24/7*

  • Medium Energy Capability (Gallium, Indium)

  • Solid State Portable Gamma Camera with Large Field of View

  • State of the Art On-Board Processing Workstation

  • DICOM Connectivity and Image/Data Transfer Capability

  • California's Largest Full Service Mobile Nuclear Medicine Provider Since 1983

  •  Ventilation & Perfusion Lung, GI Bleed, Cholescintigram, MUGA, Brain Death, Renogram, Gallium, Indium, Gastric Emptying, Etc.

 *All Services Subject to Availability